Ask Misael

Gilag, DON’T you dare stop doing that to the anon.

No. Mine is not made to attract yellow strawberries.

But what if I looked at myself and saw that everything was perfect?

Stop talking to yourself or get out.

And yet she can’t beat a humanoid shrimp with the brain of a decomposing marshmallow.

I say, those dubbers are really dumb limeys.

Psh, that dumb girl. Thinking she has all the power in the strength and fury of earthly material made by mere mortal men. I shall show her what it really means to harness and wield the powers of strength and fury. Not from mere mortal man-made constructs, but from raw, natural power, power made by Nature and Divinity!

What? You took one week to type that stupid line?

I am still alive. And going to be kicking a lot of ass too.

……… so I was still pissed at the dub change to our names…………. I really was……….. I just felt like ripping apart a person atom by atom, exploding each atom ripped out…………….. then this anon came in saying that dub name………..